Our Strategy

Your organisation is our client for life

We understand you need and use our products and services to make crucial decisions about how to run your organisation now – and to plan for the future.

Market opportunities can be created or eroded by public policy decision making. Regulation changes can alter the costs, profits and operating models of your business and whole industries.

That’s why our strategy is to continually develop our specialist knowledge, our services and our delivery expertise – so you always have the critical information and intelligence to run your business, so you can plan effectively and build relationships with key people.

Our large portfolio of products and services sets us apart from competitors and provides the best analytical capability in the market.

We take a holistic approach to business and offer you bespoke solutions that make the most of our expertise in information, media and engagement.  

The connections we help you make are cemented by direct contact with the people that matter. Our well-respected events and training courses attract government, public sector and healthcare decision makers.


Organisations have been turning to us for pertinent information on what’s going on in government since we first published Dods Parliamentary Companion in 1832.

We’re committed to impartiality and transparency. Political neutrality is at the heart of everything we do. Our devotion to the highest possible service standards, supported by constant monitoring of our performance, means we deliver high-value work again and again.


Our products and services

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