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Our unique polling services guarantee compelling insight if you want to market your products and services and get a better understanding of how you're perceived. A diverse range of organisations use Dods Research to engage with civil service, NHS and local government audiences. We also carry out a regular MP polling service that gives you the opportunity to ask politicians the questions you want answers to. This enables you to bolster public affairs campaigns and raise awareness of your brand in Westminster.


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The NHS Leadership Academy commissioned Dods Research to provide market insight and understanding...The response was phenomenal...We certainly received the insights we required to help shape the proposed new service.

Helen Stevens, Head of Communications & Engagement NHS Leadership Academy

DODs poll is unique in accessing all MPS . We use it to test the temperature of political opinion on political issues, track engagement with our sector and changes in perception, and report on progress to industry leaders on our Council.

Janet Hull IPA Director of Marketing Strategy, and CIC Marketing & Comms Group

Electrical Safety First asked Dods to survey MPs on some of our key campaign areas, particularly on housing and counterfeit goods to understand politicians perceptions of the issue. This was an important part of our policy development for the organisation and to ensure our lobbying activities were focussed. The outcomes of the survey were very beneficial particularly on our housing campaigning and ensuring we understood the views of politicians on electrical safety checks for the private rented sector. The positive results we received from Dods’s surveys were used in briefings to MPs and Members of the House of Lords during the progress of the Housing and Planning Bill through Parliament. The survey allowed us to provide politicians with key statistics and perceptions, views which otherwise we would not be able to glean on our own individually.

Robert Jervis-Gibbons, Public Affairs Manager (UK/EU) Electtrical Safety First