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PublicTechnology is the UK’s leading source of breaking news and analysis for digital, data, and IT professionals throughout the public sector.

It covers everything from the intricacies of central government digital strategy, through to the realities of how technology is changing the provision of front-line public services in local government, health and social care, education, and law enforcement.

The site provides daily news updates, as well as in-depth analysis, features, comment, and major interviews with the leaders who are shaping the UK public sector’s digital future. Our journalists report on policy, technology programmes and rollouts at national and local level, personnel changes, the supplier landscape, and lots more besides.

Although it covers all the biggest emerging technology trends, content is designed to be read not only by digital and data professionals, but by any public servant or citizen who wants to know more about how digital platforms and ways of working are impacting how services are delivered to the public.

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